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baby-careHi everyone,

Welcome to my very first weekly blog on Loving your Baby. Each week I will share a little information or helpful tips for your baby’s care and well being. This week I will start with Baby Skin Care.

It’s through gentle skin to skin contact that you will first communicate your love to one another, as your tender touches help your baby feel safe and secure in a strange new world and strengthens your emotional bond.

A baby’s first line of defense against harsh environmental factors is their skin. That’s why it is important to protect and maintain their skin’s condition, it protects their health now and also lays a foundation for healthy skin for life. Their skin to surface ratio is much higher than ours and is at least half the thickness of adult skin, which makes it more permeable and susceptible to irritants. Their skin isn’t fully developed yet, so won’t be able to cope with harsher ingredients found in adult products.

Baby’s sweat glands are not fully developed, so their ability to regulate their own body temperature is diminished. Therefore correct skin care is important to their general health. Your baby’s skin doesn’t produce all the moisturising oils it needs, so regular moisturising is essential. They have a low melanin production so they lack proper sun defenses.

Therefore your baby’s skin care routine should consist of :

Prevent chaffing
Nappy change with barrier protection
Sun protection.

When it comes to baby’s skin care, prevention is better than cure.

Over the next few weeks I will elaborate more in-depth on each step of your baby’s skin care routine.

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