MoisturisingToday we move onto Step 2 of the skin care routine:


Your baby’s skin dehydrates at a rapid rate and this dryness reduces the skin’s barrier function and makes your baby more vulnerable to skin irritations.

Regular moisturising will prevent dryness and in turn protect your baby’s skin and keeping your baby healthy, which is very important in the cold winter months we are now experiencing.

After bathing, pat them dry with a soft towel and gently massage either aqueous cream, lotion or baby oil into their skin. Did you know baby oil locks in up to 10 times more moisture than any other creams or lotions, when its applied to damp skin?

Applying your moisturising cream/lotion or oil of your preference is the perfect time to do your baby massage. Doing this massage regularly encourages development of muscle co-ordination and suppleness, as well as being a great bonding time with you and your baby.

I will go into more detail about baby massage, techniques and its benefits, in the weeks to come.

But in the meantime, wrap up warm and I hope you have a lovely week.

Take care of you and your baby



cleanisingWelcome back to Loving Your Baby, we now focus on the first step in baby’s skin care routine.

1. Cleansing:

It’s important to establish a regular bath routine at the same time everyday. Make sure it’s an uninterrupted relaxing time for you both. Turn off your phone, relax and just enjoy each others company. Talking or singing to your baby will reassure her that he/she is safe.

Avoid bathing your baby when they are hungry or too soon after a feed.

Babies lose heat very quickly, so make sure the room is draft free and cozy. You should only use a heater if it is thermostatically controlled.

Never leave your baby unattended.

In addition to regular bathing remember to clean your baby’s mouth, cheeks, chin and folds of the neck after every feed. Traces of milk or saliva may irritate the skin.

Before cleansing the body, gently clean their eyes with damp cotton wool, wiping from the inside corner out.
Make sure you use a clean area of the cotton wool for each wipe.
Use another piece of dam cotton wool to wipe her face, when they are a little older you can progress to a soft facecloth.

Check the temperature of the water with the inside of your wrist. Wrap your baby in a towel and hold her securely.
Use a small amount of mild baby soap and massage it into the scalp. Rinse the hair thoroughly and gently pat it dry with a soft towel, do not rub!
Never leave your baby’s hair wet as it will lead to rapid loss of body heat.

Clean her bottom with either baby wipes or cotton wool and warm water. Use baby oil to help remove stubborn dirt.
Gently massage baby cleanser all over her body. Holding baby securely wash her body off thoroughly. Then let her enjoy the warm water for awhile. Baby oil added to the bath water will help moisturise your baby’s skin and acts as a lubricant to prevent chaffing.
Lift baby out of the water, working quickly use a soft towel and pat baby dry. Pay specific attention to the folds in your baby’s skin.

Umbilical cord:
Carefully clean the cord with a cotton bud and some surgical spirits.

Hope these tips help and see you next week for the next step moisturising.

Take care of you and your baby