_MG_0512bwSIDS is the leading cause of death in infants between one month and one year of age. Although it is not completely preventable, you can still help to minimise the risks by creating a safe sleeping environment for your baby. Here are some tips on how.

Sleep your baby on their back or side which reduces the chance of SIDS by at least three times

Keep your baby in his own crib or co-sleeper next to your bed till they 4-6mths old and then make use of a reliable baby monitor when they move to their own room

If you choose to sleep with them in your bed please do not smoke, drink alcohol or take drugs

Keep his crib, cot or co sleeper free of any soft objects like toys, clothes or loose blankets

Never allow your baby’s head to be covered by any sort of bedding or a hat while sleeping

If you choose not to use a sleeping bag then place your baby at the bottom of his cot so he can’t move down under his duvet or blanket

Keep the room temp between 18-22degrees and don’t over dress them, babies sleep better in a cooler environment

Don’t use second hand mattresses, buy them new. Make sure your mattress is firm, fits the cot properly

Use fitted sheets rather than flat sheets

If you use a cot bumper ensure the ties are attached properly to the bumper (no loose threads) and then tied to the cot with knots not bows and that it fits snugly without space to move.

When you assemble the crib or cot, read all instructions properly before and after

Once it is assembled shake and bang them to check there that its 100% secure with no movement

If you buy second hand, go over it meticulously for any missing parts, repair jobs, breaks and dangers. If the instructions are missing download it off the internet or go into a baby store

Do not place mobiles over cots while they sleeping, rather use them over the nappy changing station

If you use a mosquito net over their cot make sure its attached to the ceiling securely and the bottom hem is weighted down on the ground so they can’t pull it into the cot.

Use either block out blinds or curtains especially during our longer summer days as it keeps the heat out as well as the light

White noise works well in getting baby to fall asleep and keeping them asleep

Always do the same routine before bed time and do it all under dim lighting

And lastly sleep your baby in a sleeping bag day and night, winter and summer

In my next article I will explain the benefits of using a sleeping bag

Happy sleeping

Gilli xx