Gillitots originated in Cape Town and has now relocated to Gauteng. We specialise in baby and toddler sleeping bags with a few other essentials soon to be added to the range.

I started this brand a few years ago in babies knitwear and soft toys, but after my little boy was born I relaunched into sleeping bags.

Being a new mom I read a lot and went to seminars to gather as much information on how to get my baby to sleep well. Because I was told by other moms that to get your baby into a good sleeping routine early because you  are going to need all the sleep you can get. So that’s where I came across the baby sleeping bag. I went to a talk by a well known author and pediatric O.T. and she explained the immense benefits of sleeping your baby in a sleeping bag, so I was sold. My background is fashion and styling in the film industry, so I was intent on making my own. I did a lot of online research and went to stores and took the best of each and created my own. I then went out looking for quality fabrics and trims, which I insisted had to be locally produced. I tested a few patterns and finally settled on my final sleeping bag design. My son has slept in his from 3 months, after I stopped swaddling him. Even now as a toddler, he still loves sleeping in his bag.

They are truly are brilliant as you never have to worry about your little one suffocating, overheating or kicking the blankets off in the middle of the night and freezing. And if you out and about and they need to sleep its so easy to take it along. They also fall asleep so easily too, as they associate it with being at home in their own familiar sleep environment. So for piece of mind and a good nights rest sleeping bags are the way forward.

All the sleeping bags are locally made and the cotton knit they are made of, is a high quality circular knit fabric. Using 100% cotton will be soft on your baby’s skin and won’t cause skin allergies. It is cool in summer and warm in winter.

Gillitots is a proudly South African brand that’s of a high quality and we create products that are easy for you to use and maintain. So if you want a sleeping bag that is designed, tried and tested my a mom, the Gillitots Sleeping Bag is the one for you.


Thank you for visiting my page. I hope you enjoy your shopping, as much as I enjoyed creating these bags for your loved ones.