When your baby reaches about 2-3 months old they will start moving around and won’t want to be swaddled anymore, this is a sign that they are ready for our sleeping bag.

  • The beauty of our bag is that it has a long side zip, which goes from under the left arm down their side and along the bottom. This allows you to change your baby’s nappy during the night without exposing their chest and waking them. This helps you to teach them to sleep through the night. Having the zip on the side prevents their chin or face from getting scratched and stops them from opening the zip themselves.
  • There are two sizes of our sleeping bags 0 – 6 mths which is 70cm long and 6 – 18 mths which is 90cm long. When choosing your bag, always ensure that their heads cannot pass through the neck hole when the bag is fastened.
  • Our luxurious three layer bag consists of 100% cotton on the outside and the inside, making it extremely gentle on your baby’s skin and allowing it to breathe. The inner lining is hand quilted with an extra soft padding to create a warm and snugly cocoon for your baby to sleep in. The cotton knit lining is extra soft so from the start there is no need for multiple washes to soften it for your baby’s use.
  • The shoulder straps have press-stud openings which makes putting your baby in or taking them out quick and easy. The double stud is so they can’t kick or pull it open themselves.
  • The bag is soft but durable too and can be washed in a washing machine on a cold cycle and then popped straight into a tumble dry on a low heat, which makes it a lot easier for when you need to clean and dry it in a hurry. I would recommend having two bags because you need to be prepared for any night-time nappy accidents or spills.
  • Your baby will fall asleep quicker as they learn to associate the sleeping bag with sleep time. So they will start to settle down from when you put them inside the bag, as they know it’s now sleep time. It also makes sleeping away from home easier because you are bringing their three familiar senses of sleep time with them. Sight, smell and touch and consequently they know they are in their safe sleeping environment.
  • You never have to worry that your baby has slipped under the covers and can’t breathe. The 0-6 mth bag even has an extra stud in the armhole, so when your baby is still very small the bag will fit securely around their arms and chest.
  • There is a winter bag and a summer bag. Both have the three luxurious layers, because babies like consistency and the three layers helps them to feel safe and secure all through the year. We have used a lighter weight padding and fabric on the summer bag.  The winter sleeping bag is for temperatures inside the room from 8-18° C and the summer sleeping bag is from 18 – 28° C. It is always better for them to be slightly cooler than warmer.
  • There is no need for any other blankets or duvets in the cot, these only impose a danger to your baby.
  • The sleeping bag doesn’t have sleeves or a hood as they need to get rid of excess heat quickly and thus prevents overheating and dehydration. This can occur winter and summer, as they are affected by illnesses and fevers just as much as external temperatures. Their hands generally always feel cold, so to check their temperature put your hand at the base of their neck at the back and they should feel lukewarm. If it feels sweaty and clammy remove some layers of clothing and if they feel cold, then add another On warmer nights the bag is perfect for letting your baby just sleep in a nappy.
  • As your baby grows older they will start to roll and kick and move around the cot, this is all for strengthening their core muscles. It’s therefore essential that they can do this unhindered for their own development. With our sleeping bags they can do all of this and still stay asleep. They can also stand up and lie back down and you never have to worry about them kicking off the covers and getting cold, bitten by mosquitoes or just tangled up in loose sheets which is dangerous. The extra width in the leg area also allows them to move and turn freely while sleeping or playing.
  • All fabrics and trims are locally produced and the bag is manufactured locally too. This was my ethos and now it can be yours too. Because when you buy your Gillitots’ Sleeping Bag you are not only buying a great quality sleeping bag, you are supporting the local clothing and textile industry, empowering women of South Africa and lessening the carbon footprint globally.
  • Gillitots is proudly South African.