Sleeping Bags

All our sleeping bags are made from 100% cotton knit or 100% woven cotton to keep your baby happy and comfortable by allowing their skin to breathe. Using cotton keeps them cool in summer and warm in winter.

There is a light weight quick dry hand quilted padding to keep your baby warm and comfortable. Both summer and winter have these three super soft layers to keep baby feeling safe all through the year. The summer bag uses lighter weight fabrics to keep baby cool. Winter bags are for 8 – 18° C room temperatures and the summer bags are for 18 – 28° C room temperatures.

Our fabrics are all produced in Cape Town. As well as the sleeping bags are manufactured right here too. Our bags are of a great quality and we support the local clothing and textile industry very proudly. Keeping it local also helps with reducing the global carbon foot print. Local is Green, so local is Lekker!

The  0-6mth bag is 70cm long and has shoulder and side zip openings for easy access and easy nappy changes. We also have an extra stud in the armhole for when baby is still quite small and the bag needs to fit quite snugly around the body for comfort and safety.

The 6-18mth bag is 90cm long and also has shoulder openings and a side zip for easy access and easy nappy changes.

All our bags are machine washable on a cold water setting also able to tumble dry on a low heat. If you need to iron use a warm iron, but don’t iron the zip.